FAA eFAST 2013
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Avansis awarded FAA eFAST Contract Vehicle to provide Business Management, Computer Systems Support, and Engineering Services

August 27, 2013, (Alpharetta, GA) – Avansis, Inc. (Avansis), a technology solutions company, is the Prime Contractor leading a team of contractors awarded a Master Ordering of agreement (MOA) with a shared ceiling of $7.4 billion to provide business management, engineering services, and computer systems support to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The contract is one of the multiple awards from the Electronic FAA Accelerated and Simplified Tasks (eFAST) MOA.  

The team is headed by prime contractor Avansis, Inc. of Alpharetta, GA. Other members include Amazon Web Services, Janus Research Group, MTC Integration, Revolution Technologies, RunMobile, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), SAP America (SAP), Systek, Total System Services (TSYS) and Ernst & Young (EY).

The eFAST MOA has a $7.4 billion ceiling, over a six-year base period (to 9/30/2019), plus one five-year option period (to 9/30/2024) with all work accomplished via releases of task orders.  Avansis was awarded the contract in three functional categories:

  • Business Administration & Management (BAM)
  • Engineering Services (ES)
  • Computer Systems Support (CSS)

Under the contract, the Avansis team will bring its business administration and management, systems engineering and computer systems expertise to the program.  Avansis support will encompass a broad range of activities to include, but not be limited to: Business Administration & Management Business administration and management including Accounting/Budgeting/Finance, Acquisition/Procurement, Administrative Management, General Management, Human Resources, Equal Employment Opportunity, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Event Planning, Process Analysis, Application Content Management, Office Management, Training, Developing Training Materials, Graphic Artist Services;   Engineering Services Engineering services including Systems Engineering, System Analysis, Specialty Engineering, System Security, Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, Configuration Management, Quality Assurance, Test, Acoustical, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Astrophysics, Chemical, Civil, Combustion, Communications, Construction, Electrical, Environmental, Erosion Control, Geological, Geophysical, Heating, Human Factors, Hydraulics, Industrial, Logistics, Manufacturing, Marine, Mechanical, Nuclear, Operations Research, Developing Training Materials, Air Traffic Operations Analysis/Design/Development, Air Traffic Safety System Analysis/Design/Development, Air Traffic Management Analysis/Design/Development, Air Traffic Operations Training, Air Traffic Safety System Training, Air Traffic Management Training, Training; Computer Systems Support Technology Systems Architecture, Network Analysis/Design/Test, Computer System Quality Assurance, Software Engineering, and Graphic Design.

In order to support its operations for 2013 and beyond, the FAA will require a broad range of comprehensive professional and support services. This professional and support services acquisition vehicle allows long term procurements for an expanded array of professional and support services to better serve the requirements of the FAA, and on a limited basis and when in the best interest of the Government, all other federal government agencies, nationwide, in an expedited efficient and effective manner. The MOA will be the FAA’s preferred small business contracting vehicle for services.

Keith Marsh, CEO of Avansis, said: “The Avansis Team’s FAA experience coupled with our capabilities and innovative solutions are very well-matched to the challenges faced by the FAA, and we look forward to assisting FAA achieve its requirements.” “This contract award represents growing recognition of Avansis capabilities and its ability to bring unique teams to deliver innovative solutions in today’s highly competitive Federal market.”

The performance scope for this MOA includes all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and all U.S. Territories. The work will be performed at contractor or government facilities.

Avansis, Inc. is small business committed to providing innovative and “best value” solutions for the challenging issues facing its clients. Avansis is comprised of a diverse staff that is drawn from a broad range of educational and professional backgrounds; bringing together a talented skill set for a dynamic approach to delivering leading-edge products and services.      

Avansis is excited to support the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as evidence of its dedication to strengthening and maintaining a strong position in the Federal industry.

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Avansis, Inc. is a Small Business performing services for clients throughout the U.S.

Contact: Dr. Keith Marsh // Tel: 678-907-7765 // E-mail: Keith.Marsh@avansisinc.com